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dang on Coke Bottles

Coca-Cola’s a hell of a drink

I’m not mad a this snapchat thing, though my niece told me I was “hella late”

my bad 

baskintheafterglow replied to your post: Bout to act a damn fool on some margar

Share though!

I’m just waiting for you tho

funniebunchesofoats replied to your post “Bout to act a damn fool on some margaritas”

Mexican Egg Rolls?

they're actually pretty good.  It's like rice, meat, and some other ish fried up in an egg roll kinda of situation.  I’m not mad at em one bit.

I want chicken and waffles for dinner



I’m getting my Chocolate Deluxe shirt soon.

Ghost’s verse though

my shit


evelynishappy here it is Hun. Took 5 1/2 hours and I sat straight. It’s a miyabailey skin painting and I adore it!

straight up, this is dope.

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace


Def Squad


Def Squad